Sun 23/11/2014
A Hadeeth of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teaches us, ‘People are like treasures – just like treasures of gold and silver.’ As we know, gold and silver do not simply come out of the ground ready to be made into jewellery. Much effort is spent finding the gold and extracting it from the ground. Craftsmen then labour for hours on end to turn it into something of beauty.

TIBHS is the first free school to be opened by the Tauheedul Free Schools’ Trust (TFST). TFST was set up by the Tauheedul Islam Faith, Education and Community Trust (TIFECT) to establish a network of Muslim faith based free schools across the country. TFST’s vision is to develop a national model for progressive, mainstream and positive Muslim free schools which develop young people with an outstanding academic profile and an exemplary aptitude for civic responsibility and citizenship. TFST are particularly excited to be opening their first free school here in Blackburn – their home town – and are determined that TIBHS should be a flagship free school, fully reflecting their vision.


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