Sun 26/10/2014

Community Service

TIBHS will play an active role in enhancing social cohesion and promoting civic responsibility. Through the extra-curricular and enrichment programme and the activities of the Sports Leadership and Social Enterprise and Community Services Academies it will demonstrate its commitment to promoting service, respect and citizenship amongst all pupils and parents.

Islam teaches us that, as human beings, it is our duty to consider the welfare of all mankind. This is a basic duty that transcends race, colour, beliefs, gender or faith.

All TIBHS students will undertake two hours of community service each week during term time whilst they are at TIBHS. They will be expected to raise the equivalent of at least one pound each day. These will be visible demonstrations of each pupil’s commitment to serve the local and global community.

It is one of our driving principles that, through our activities and those of our pupils, the communities in which we are based, and those further afield, should become stronger and more cohesive.


Social Enterprise Week

TIBHS specialises in Entrepreneurship as well as the Big Society, so Social Enterprise Week will be an ideal opportunity for students to practice the skills and knowledge they have developed in their studies.

Every year, all Year 10 students will be challenged to set up their own businesses for one week, with all profits raised going to charity.

Social Enterprise Week is designed to help students develop and test business and work-related skills, to increase their awareness about business ethics and enterprise, and to boost their financial capabilities. The pupils will also build on their knowledge and understanding of being a citizen by enhancing their core and wider skills in literacy, numeracy and IT.

The focus is on social enterprise, as opposed to purely making profit. Each year the students will use Enterprise Week to develop business ideas and raise money for worthwhile causes at the same time.


Big Society Week

With the Big Society as one of our specialisms, Big Society Week will be an important part of our annual Calendar at TIBHS.