We never lose focus on academic excellence, but our pupils benefit educationally, personally and socially from a rich and rounded educational experience. Our enrichment and extra-curricular activities help all pupils develop the skills and characteristics that will provide a solid foundation for all aspects of their lives as future business, professional and community leaders.

Our enrichment programme helps students develop into rounded individuals and enhances key personal skills and aptitudes which are much sought-after by universities and employers. These include oral communication, personal effectiveness, entrepreneurship, self-actualisation, problem-solving and enhanced emotional intelligence.


Enrichment through the curriculum

Learning isn’t just about a study programme that leads to outstanding results. It is also about students enjoying learning and developing creativity within their subjects; outstanding results generally follow when students are inspired by what they do.

Enrichment in each curriculum area is aimed at:

  • Increasing enjoyment
  • Providing challenge and developing independent learning in gifted and talented students
  • Developing particular skills and themes
  • Finding innovative ways to bring our Leadership specialism to life

Enrichment includes:

  • Clubs and societies
  • Faculty based trips and outdoor learning opportunities
  • Carefully selected external facilitators working with students
  • Celebrations of particular National Days or World Weeks relevant to the curriculum area or Leadership specialism

Each curriculum area develops their enrichment activity for the coming academic year.

Enrichment Activity


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