Thu 23/10/2014

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

To promote a culture of educational excellence, from within a caring and secure Islamic environment enriched with the values of discipline, mutual care and respect which extends beyond the school into the wider community.

Our mission statement is a statement of intent. The spirit of Tawhid – or “oneness” – is the cornerstone of the Islamic faith which inspires TIBHS and the whole Tauheedul community to excellence in all areas of academic, spiritual and community life.

Our Ethos

TIBHS will draw upon the successful model and ethos of its sister school – Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School – which is now one of the highest performing schools in the country.

TIBHS is driven by the same belief in setting the highest standards in every aspect of school life to help its pupils attain educational excellence, career success and determination to contribute to the greater good in the local, national and global community.


Our Vision

To create an inspirational lifelong learning campus… where we leap further than we imagined… run faster than we aspired… reach higher than we dreamt… to become the people the Almighty meant us to be… we will we will instil a sense of outstanding aspiration and the highest expectation of oneself and others.

We want to provide a transformational experience for young men from deprived backgrounds to emerge capable and confident of achieving great things – demonstrating high levels of personal aspiration but at the same time accepting that they have a duty to make a personal contribution to society’s wellbeing.

The school’s vision consists of three key elements:


We are driven by a belief in:

A wholesome identity – one family, one world

A faith identity and a wider spiritual identity that connects the whole world – we are all from the family of God.

An approach that has connections with relevance for people of all faiths and none.

A belief that we are all part of, and are contributing to, something far greater than ourselves.

A focus on character development –exemplary behaviour, respect, care, compassion, strength and self-discipline.

An environmental responsibility – a green and sustainable agenda.

A healthy body and mind.

Outstanding pastoral care.

Educational excellence

TIBHS will promote excellence in everything its pupils undertake. School leadership, classroom teachers and associate staff, together with parents are all geared up to improve social mobility and inspiration in the learners:

High expectations, aspirations and a spirit of excellence.

Personalised excellence – that results from a passionate belief that each individual is unique and special – our job is to nurture this talent.

Healthy competition – that will permeate the life and conduct of the Academy.

Ambition for all students – to go to university or pursue a career.

Community service

TIBHS is not an inward-looking organisation. It recognises the importance of society and the contribution each individual must make to sustain it. As an example, TIBHS will constantly be:

Ensuring that a Big Society ethos permeates the School.

Promoting service, respect and citizenship among the pupils and parents.

Developing responsibility in the individual to him or herself, to peers, to the local community and to the Big Society

Focusing from Day 1 on Leadership Development and on emotional intelligence.