Faculty of Technology

In 21st Century Britain, the need for the next generation to be technologically intelligent cannot be underestimated.

Students at TIBHS are trained to permeate the world of technology and business, thriving on foundational knowledge to aid career prospects.


Computer Science

With the vast, mind-boggling inventions introduced on a regular basis, one thing is for sure – technology continues to grow in a range of forms, delivering a variety of messages. With the ethos remains a constant reminder to the students at TIBHS that the any contribution to technology must revolve around the principle of positive contribution to society.


In exploring networks, systems and computer technology, students are introduced to a range of professional software through which they are trained to design and create apps, motion pictures and games.



Entrepreneurial activities offer students an ideal opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge.


Students learn about the theoretical functions of a modern business in preparation for starting their own business whilst at school as part of the Social Enterprise projects.

Social Enterprise projects are designed to help students develop and test business and work-related skills, to increase their awareness about business ethics and enterprise, and to boost their financial capabilities. The pupils build on their knowledge and understanding of being a citizen by enhancing their core and wider skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT.

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Tauheedul Boys’ celebrates another set of exceptional GCSE results

Students, staff and parents at Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School (TIBHS) are today celebrating exceptional GCSE results, placing the school as one of the highest achieving in the region and the country.

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TIBHS October Half Term

Our last day of school is Friday 18th October. School will re-open on Monday 28th October 2019.

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