Pastoral Care

TIBHS’ ethos is centred on ambition and that determination must be at the centre of everything the school does. We believe that all pupils should be able to learn in a safe environment, free from interruptions caused by disruptive behaviour, and will implement that commitment unambiguously.

We have a highly personalised approach to meeting the academic, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every young man. We use information and data from primary schools, our own assessments, national tests and from our meetings with students and their parents to make sure we know our pupils well and understand their individual needs.

A combination of outstanding learning and teaching, wide-ranging enrichment activities, regular opportunities for emotional and spiritual development and an extensive programme of challenge and support enables us to maximise every young man’s chance of success. Each young man will receive all the support he needs during his time at TIBHS – whether that means personalised care or constructive challenge.

Year Team System

The Year Team is responsible for ensuring the welfare of our young men. They work closely with parents and guardians to make sure a support structure is in place for every young man.

Every young man is assigned to a form led by a Learning Coordinator. The Learning Coordinator is the first point of contact between home and school. They make sure parents are regularly updated on any issues that are preventing their son from learning. They take particular care during the transition from primary to secondary school.

The Year Team is made up of the Learning Coordinators for each year group, a dedicated Head of Year and a Senior Leader. Between them, they see every pupil in a 1:1 meeting at least once a term. In this way, we can identify and deal with any issues at the earliest possible stage.

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