Welcome from the Principal

Dear parents/carers and young men,

The opportunity for you to consider and apply at Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School has come at a time of great excitement at the school. A new adventure to be built on the strong foundations set by those before us. An opportunity to be risk taking and daring, knowing that the school has achieved great success in such a short space of time and through your well wishes, will continue to do so.

TIBHS as a school, is currently in the best place to help you realise your dream and vision for your son – to secure admission for your son to attend one of the best boys’ school not only in Blackburn, or Lancashire but nationally and internationally. The way to achieve this is the continuous strive for the GOLD STANDARD in everything we do and everything we stand for.

Nothing less than the best is practised, delivered or accepted – a buy-in from one and all.
This continues to create a ‘World Class’ learning environment which is not only rated outstanding by Ofsted, but is rated as a beacon of excellence – beyond outstanding – by our committed staff, our loyal parents, the dutiful Local Governing Body, the Trust and most importantly by the young men who attend Tauheedul Boys.

I truly believe that at TIBHS, our young men believe they are part of a concept that is magical, and through this, recognise that they are the greatest benefactors who reciprocate and give back tenfold. At TIBHS, in realising the vision of the STAR Trust, we also embed our leadership specialism throughout the school’s systems, structure and processes. As you are considering a life changing decision for your son, when considering a high school to support them in their academic journey, as the principal, I stand bold, ready and excited, backed by a committed, hardworking and talented team, to truly ‘nurture today’s young people to be the inspirational leaders of tomorrow’, who will go on to be the movers and shakers, the decision makers and policy shapers of tomorrow.

At TIBHS, we believe the sky is the limit for the young men – there is no mountain too high, no ocean too deep. The young men, with the will of the Almighty, will attend the best Russell Group Universities; they will secure the best apprenticeships with global firms; they will be the key ambassadors for social mobility and change and they will travel to parts of the galaxy which you and I may not have dreamt of. More importantly, the young men will carry the torch of Islam with them to guide them along the way and use their faith to be a force for achieving good in their lives and around the world.

Our everyday journey is to carry on building a school which has no limits and no ceilings. We want the young men, the parents, the staff to belong to a school which is rich in diversity, but cohesive in identity. There is so much to look forward to in the immediate future. The current planning for the opening of a sixth form will continue to offer further opportunities alongside the current Year 11 results which will continue to demonstrate a positive year on year upward trajectory.

Personally, I foresee a TIBHS that will continue to develop young men with many positive attributes, a strong character and an even more powerful moral compass. They will be ready to grasp the wider world with both hands, so they can go on to be the best neighbour in a noisy, busy neighbourhood, the best employee/employer in industry and the best role model in a family setting of being a husband, a father and the most amazing son for their loving parents and carers.. In essence, the school will continue to shine brightly under the STAR values – of Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect.

I wish all our potential young men in Year 6, who currently are making a very important decision about their secondary schooling, the very best in terms of their future careers, lives and faith.

May the Almighty guide you towards eternal success; may He maintain your love for your family, your community, your faith and may He ensure that you spend your entire life in the service of His cause and wider humanity.

As a Hadeeth (Prophetic narration) from the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) teaches us – “People are like treasures – just like treasures of gold and silver.” As we know, gold and silver do not simply come out of the ground ready to be made into jewellery. Much effort is spent finding the gold and extracting it from the ground. Craftsmen then labour for hours on end to turn it into something of beauty.

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Mr Ditta

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