Staff Development Opportunities

At Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School, staff have opportunities to progress in their careers within the school environment. Please see the biographies of members of staff who have excelled during their time at TIBHS.

Ahmed Eid – Director of Learning: MFL 

I joined TIBHS in September 2013 as an unqualified teacher of Arabic. Since then, the school has been helping me to grow in my career and supporting me in everything. Firstly, attending internal training sessions delivered by SLT staff that enhanced my knowledge about teaching and learning and refined my skills as well as enrolling me in external training sessions and conferences to learn about new methods and strategies of teaching, learning and classroom management. Secondly, TIBHS allowed me to apply for and achieve the Qualified Teachers’ Status through the Assessment Route in 2016 from Durham University. The school, my mentor and colleagues played a great part in my success. Most importantly, TIBHS gave me the opportunity to start my leadership career in the school by appointing me as a Deputy Director of learning for two years and then as the Director of Learning Languages. The support I receive from the principal, SLT and the languages team members is valuable and help me develop. All these factors have helped me develop staff, handle challenges effectively and more importantly, have resulted in achieving outstanding records in GCSE exams for our pupils. 

I strongly believe that TIBHS is the best place to help people grow and develop. 

Muhammed Patel – Associate Assistant Principal 

Since TIBHS’ inception over seven years ago, I have been moulded by the core principles and foundations of our school. My commitment and dedication towards the school and what it stands for is a reflection of what I have learnt from the school itself. The school’s vision in empowering the young men with outstanding education to transform their lives and enhance their social mobility has motivated me to upscale my own standards. 

I am forever indebted to the school for nurturing not only the young people we serve, but the phenomenal degree of investment in the future perspectives of individuals like my colleagues and I.  

Starting as an LSA in 2012, I have seen rapid development, growth and learning in my day to day practice. The remarkable investment in my professional and personal journey has been humbling to say the least. The school’s leaders have an amazing eye for detail and that translates in to every facet of the school. I have been given ownership to lead projects, initiate new ideas, strategise concepts and then praised when they have been executed well, supported when tweaks were needed but never demoralised or made to feel unworthy.  

If anything, I feel that the contribution to my development, even as a person, has been hugely down not the school and its leaders. Hence, why I wanted to undertake leadership in order to give back a little to an organisation which has given me so much. Not only that, I feel the school gives me a sense of belonging with its unwavering values and its relentless pursuit for excellence and phenomenal friendships we have forged here.  

Naeema Hasan – School Business Manager 

Having worked in the Business Support Officer post at a STAR primary school for 4 years, I was given the opportunity to be promoted to the post of Office Manager to build on my leadership skills. In April 2019, I was appointed as the School Business Manager at TIBHS. This was a huge step as I had additional responsibilities and line management areas such as Estates, ICT, Catering, in addition to Business Admin which I already had experience in.  

The Principal worked closely with me from the beginning of my employment at TIBHS to ensure I was well supported to meet my targets. Communication is thorough and line management responsibilities are clear. I was strongly encouraged to achieve high targets and work towards a high potential in several areas. The school is constantly developing both my strengths and weaknesses, and I never fall short of facing a challenge! The STAR values are reinforced throughout my daily routine, and the values around family, community, progression and ethos resonate with me about wanting the best for the young men to maximise every pupil’s potential.  

 Usman Kothia – Assistant Principal

Since joining Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School in September 2012, the organisation has helped me flourish in both a professional and personal capacity. 

My journey began as a Head of Year where I was given the pastoral responsibility of a year group. The essence of my role as a Head of Year was to support the school’s drive for excellent academic results by removing barriers to raise individual student achievement and aspirations of pupils with a wraparound package of support. As an individual who had not worked in an educational establishment before, I was given the appropriate guidance to achieve some remarkable accolade, including: 

  • Achieving 1st place nationally in the UK for student attendance 
  • Achieving an ‘Outstanding’ grading for Behaviour & Safety in Section 5 and Section 8 Ofsted inspections 

As the leaders at TIBHS appreciated my talents, I was encouraged to further my career at the school as a teacher. To this end, I was given responsibilities to build my portfolio and gain experience in the classroom by teaching an array of subjects including Religious Studies, Citizenship, Life Skills. Geography and Travel & Tourism at Key Stage 3 and GCSE level. The opportunity to deliver these subjects set me up very well to complete the Assessment Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status in 2015 – fully funded by the school.  

I am indebted to the organisation for recognising the leadership qualities I possess, and, to ensure my growth in leadership was not stunted by spending significant amounts of time in the classroom, I was offered the opportunity to train as a SENDCO, funding my training as I completed the National SENCO Award. Moreover, as a middle leader, I was encouraged to complete the National Professional Qualification in Middle Leadership in 2017. 

After two years of successful service as a SENDCO, I was also given the opportunity to develop my expertise by completing the Postgraduate Award of Proficiency in Assessment for Access Arrangements which now qualifies me to certify access arrangements for JCQ.  

Moreover, to support my ambitions of moving into senior leadership, I was offered the role of Designated Safeguarding Lead, and in April 2019 I made the successful transition from middle leadership to senior leadership. In the months that I have been a senior leader, I have overseen areas of whole-school responsibility that include safeguarding, SEND, behaviour, Faith Character Education, educational visits, outcomes of vulnerable pupils, and personal development including enrichment and leadership opportunities. 

My journey at Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School has been rapid – in the span of 8 years, I have gained experience of roles that would normally take decades and I am grateful for the support I have received at every step. With the training that has been provided for me over the years at TIBHS, I have accumulated enough credits to complete a second postgraduate degree. I already have a commitment from the principal in support of my application for a leadership course that will grant me a MA in Education Leadership. 

The development opportunities and guidance I have received at TIBHS has shaped me professionally as personally. 

Zubair Ahmed – Assistant Principal

The journey started in April 2012 when I was employed as Head of Year 8 at the newly formed Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School. Despite not having extensive experience in pastoral care, I was buddied up with Heads of Year at our sister school Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School. Their extensive knowledge, experience and guidance provided me with a solid grounding in pastoral care and allowed me to develop as a Head of Year.  

In January 2014, an opportunity was provided to me to move into teaching which was my passion. Again, with limited experience of the classroom, I was greatly supported by Senior and Middle Leaders in developing my pedagogical skills, assessment for learning and classroom management. This support developed me immensely and propelled me to a newly created post of Deputy Director: Humanities. This was a phenomenal opportunity saying that I had only been in a school setting for a little over 2 years.  

This new role allowed me to take on challenges which I had not previously encountered such as managing a group of teachers, preparing schemes of work, scrutinising data, and holding people to account. Again, with continuous guidance from Senior Leaders and the Director of Learning: Humanities, I developed and refined my leaderships skills. Having spent six months in this role, an opening for the Director of Learning: Humanities came, and I was promoted to run the full faculty, leading Geography, History, RS, Life Skills.   

This role proved to be extremely challenging due to the sheer number of subjects and staff to manage. However, regular training of various aspects of the job, meetings with the senior leader and networking with other Star Schools helped develop my leadership skills and honed my leadership skills.  

I continued to work and develop as a leader of the faculty until April 2019 when the school advertised for an Associate Assistant Principal for Curriculum, Data and Standards role with a view to promotion to Assistant Principal in one or two years as part of its succession planning strategy. I had a natural passion for data and curriculum design, so when the opportunity came long, I snapped it up.  was promoted to this role after a rigorous interview process which highlighted areas of development. These areas were addressed through 1:1 support from the Vice Principal through weekly meetings, dedicated CPD on key aspects of the job and access to Trust expertise. This supported me tremendously and allowed me to progress to my current role of Assistant Principal for Curriculum, Data and Standards.   

I am referred to by the Principal as ‘Home Grown Talent’ – an individual who started as a Head of Year in 2012 and although living and embracing the STAR and therefore Tauheedul Boys’ values through and through, with a number of rapid and accelerated progression I have now secured a place at the Senior Leadership table of an outstanding high performing school. I can honestly say that each day for me is amazing, as I absolutely love walking in a forward thinking, academically driven outstanding school which is always striving for excellence.  

TIBHS is the place to be! 

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