Entrepreneurial pupils help community with school uniform enterprise

Pupils at TIBHS are celebrating the successful launch of their new uniform upcycling enterprise.

‘Uniformity’ was launched in August, after pupils hit upon the idea of re-selling ‘pre-loved’ uniforms to help the environment, save parents money and raise funds for charity. So far, more than 100 items of uniform have been upcycled through the scheme, which parents are praising as a cost-effective and sensible measure.

Generous parents have already donated 150 items of TIBHS uniform that their children have outgrown or that are no longer needed, which can be used in exchange for a discount on other items. All items are professionally dry-cleaned and quality checked before being re-sold.

Mo Isap helps to sort stock for the scheme

Pupils developed a new Uniformity App and website which enable parents to donate, purchase and exchange items of uniform with ease. In just a few weeks, the inventive team of pupils developed a fully functioning e-commerce platform where parents are able to check stock and buy items online.

The project was supported by the school’s Careers Enterprise Programme, which aims to educate pupils about the power of socially-conscious entrepreneurship. Pupils at the school receive specialist mentorship so they are equipped with the skills and know-how to help them develop business and leadership skills.

Ely from Eden Boys School Bolton enjoyed his shopping experience at TIBHS Uniformity

All profits from the social enterprise scheme are donated to Shine Charity, which aims to transform the life chances of children, young people and their families in areas of disadvantage and deprivation. More than £1,300 has been raised for the charity, which is operated by Star Academies.

Majid Ditta, Principal at TIBHS, praised pupils for the venture, which he said demonstrated their ability to innovate and develop advanced business skills.

Mr Ditta said: “Our pupils at TIBHS have worked incredibly hard to implement this project and I am very proud of everything they have achieved so far.

“This project could not have been timed better. We have seen first-hand the hardship that vulnerable people in our community are experiencing due to the spread of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown measures.

“Being able to help parents in these difficult times by easing the annual cost of purchasing uniforms has been hugely beneficial to our school community. We are also delighted to be able to help people in our wider community who might be struggling by helping to raise funds for Shine Charity.

“We hope that our enterprise will also benefit the environment by helping to reduce the carbon footprint created by the clothing supply chain.

“Our pupils have shown real ingenuity by developing this idea as a response to recent economic and environmental pressures. They have also shown their ability to adapt and grow their skillset by mastering complex technology to develop the accompanying app and website.

“This venture is already helping to make a positive change in our community and we hope this scheme will be rolled out to other schools in the near future.”

The ingenuity behind the enterprise scheme has been recognised by leaders in the field of recycling. Adil Ughratdar presented the Uniformity project as part of the Big Deal Competition at University of York which was sponsored by the Biorenewables Development Centre. The project won The Big Deal’s Sustainability Award and Adil was also selected as the Big Deal 2020 Vlogger.

Uzair Patel, one of the pupils who helped to lead on the project, has also been shortlisted for the prestigious Arkwright Engineering Scholarship and has reached the final stage of the application. Uzair used his remarkable talent to devise the Uniformity website and continues to work to de-bug and enhance user experience.

Blackburn-born business leader Mo Isap, is the Chair of Governors and Enterprise Advisor at TIBHS, sits on board of the Careers and Enterprise Company and uses his experience to support the school’s enterprise programme. Mr Isap described the venture as an ‘incredible feat’.

He said: “I am immensely proud of our students. To develop and launch a social enterprise with an e-commerce platform in just a few weeks whilst working virtually during lockdown is an incredible feat, and one that many businesses would be hard pushed to achieve.

“Entrepreneurship education and nurturing a self-starter culture is much needed. Many of our young do not hold the belief that they can be employers and not just employees. The skills developed such as creativity, leadership and resilience are fully transferable and empower students to stand out from amongst their peers.”

During lockdown, the school worked in partnership with the Shine Charity to support thousands of local vulnerable families as part of the Star Academies Coronavirus Appeal. Staff and pupils at the school helped to deliver more than 5,000 family food packs and distributed 3,000 hot meals to local people in need. Boxes filled with hygiene items and PPE, including face visors manufactured by pupils, were also distributed to help alleviate hardship and suffering, and protect front-line workers.

For more information or to order items of uniform for TIBHS, visit https://uniformity.co/

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