Key messages regarding student expectations


We expect the highest standards of attendance and punctuality. Research evidence and national statistics link good attendance to the achievement of academic and social potential. Attendance and punctuality also reflect pupil and parent commitment to achievement and to our Academy mission.

We encourage students to work towards 100% attendance and set a minimum attendance target of 97% per year (equivalent to the top quartile of all English secondary schools). Excellent attendance is celebrated and recognised at the end of each term at our awards assembly. Please bear in mind that the school will not authorise any holidays, trips abroad or attendance to events during term time.


Please adhere to our uniform policy under section 5.3, which states; hair must be kept tidy. Extremes of length or style are not permitted (unless otherwise agreed on grounds of faith). During the last academic year, we found students to have various designs or cuts, which did not adhere to our school policy. To prevent additional cost occurring to rectify the haircut, please support the school by monitoring your child when he goes to the barbers. This will allow us to maintain high expectations at school and promote the desired role model for the society we live in. School Uniform – Outdoor clothing As part of our uniform policy, in particular outdoor clothing, please ensure your son is wearing Black/ Grey or Navy smart coat or jacket with no large logos or patterns and no denim or leather.

Mobile Phone

At TIBHS we do not allow mobile phones to be used at any time during the school day, however, we understand that some students may need to use a phone if they are walking home, taking part in afterschool activities or in an emergency. For this reason, I have attached a reply slip where parents will need to give consent. If consent is given, then it’s up to your son to hand his phone to the head of year first thing in the morning.

Please bear in mind that if your son is seen with his mobile phone during the school day it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the term.

School uniform – Shoes

We have noticed during the last term that students have been wearing black trainers in the hope of being classed as formal school shoes. Please ensure that there is a clear distinction between black trainers and formal school shoes. I have given an example below of what a formal school shoes may look like. These can be with/without lace, or Velcro. The school will only allow formal school shoes; any other type will not be classed as part of the school uniform.

Crisp, Chocolate and Fizzy drinks

As part of our healthy school initiative, we have imposed a ban on crisps, chocolates and fizzy drinks. This does not stop your son brining in a replacement, for instance, healthy snack bars, sugar free juice, yogurt and/or fruit. Our aim is to support parents in maintaining their Childs’ health during his time at school and we feel that this strategy will support the greater cause when he grows older in to adulthood.

10 Expectations

To maintain an educational learning environment throughout the day, all students must follow the 10 expectations. These are stated below and will be stuck on the back of your son’s lanyard:

1. I must stand in a single file and in Register order when lining up
2. I must walk QUIETLY on corridors
3. I must follow the 6 to Start 5 to Finish in every lesson
4. I must wear the correct Uniform including my Lanyard at all times
5. I must not use Mobile Phones in school
6. I must not chew gum in school
7. I must not bring Crisp, Chocolates or Fizzy Drinks to school
8. I must focus and concentrate when registration/teaching is taking place
9. I will not visit the Toilets during lesson
10. I understand the school sanctions policy

I hope that parents can support us by making sure your son attends to school with the correct understanding of these expectation, and where possible carryout a daily check before he leaves the house. For example, checking the uniform (including the lanyard), stationary, providing healthy snacks (if not bought from school), and not to bring mobile phones. These small actions will help us focus more on the core business, which is to ensure that your son receives the best academic studies to succeed.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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