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Message from our Alumni

Assalamu-alaikum and welcome to the beginning of your journey to success, Insha’Allah.

I cannot doubt that I look back at my own time at TIBHS with a homely sense of nostalgia. I feel enormously proud and thankful that my parents enrolled me here and I was lucky enough to secure a place at TIBHS. Due to which, I am currently studying A levels in Maths, Economics and Computer Science, and there is no disputing the fact that TIBHS set the foundations for my fruitful future.

The teachers here were my support system throughout my entire high school life. They believed in my ambitions and kept me going at times when I felt like I was being crushed under the pressure and supported me to balance my school work and a social life..

Not only did I receive the best schooling, but also genuinely felt an immense amount of care and love from my life-coaches. They went above and beyond for me and every single one of my peers who joined me on our epic high school journey.

The school rests humbly on Islamic morals – just as the TIBHS STAR logo indicates – focussing on developing our manners, instilling a compassionate nature in its students and pushing each one of us to conscientiously serve the communities we come from. With all of our accomplishments, we are reminded of the boundless profits of prayer. I have personally participated in the school’s Khidmat programme, in which I returned to my Primary School every Thursday afternoon with an intention to hopefully help them in at least a fraction of the way my teachers helped me.

I also organised and facilitated the Macmillan coffee morning in aid of cancer and attended the memorial service for the first anniversary of the Manchester bombings, amongst the many other opportunities TIBHS has offered.

I can definitely recommend this school as the ULTIMATE choice, it really is the Man City of the premiership. We really are going from strength to strength, and we pray that the school continues in its strive for excellence.

I will always be proud that I attended a school which is amongst the top 1% in the country, which opened doors for all of its students and enhanced our life chances and social mobility through the finest education there is to offer.

I hope you find your schooling journey just as fruitful.

Alumni Class of 2020

Messages from Parent Shuraa

Mrs Master, a Y8 parent, says: “Although my son had secured a place at CRGS, as a family we decided TIBHS would be a more holistic environment for his academic and personal development. One year in I can categorically say that it was the right decision. I have witnessed with my own eyes and ears the care, dedication and encouragement all the staff give, not just regarding classroom education but more importantly the welfare of the children.

STAR values are not just some esoteric, theoretical notion but are implemented by all and are integral to daily student life.

My son is short in stature but with encouragement he has grown immensely in his sporting abilities, social skills and confidence.

So, if you are still deliberating whether TIBHS is the right choice, I can confirm without reservation that it is the BEST choice for my son and I am sure it will be for yours.”

Mrs Kathrada, a Y10 parent, commented: “As a parent the most important aspect of schooling for me is the wellbeing and happiness of my child. At TIBHS they put great emphasis on the welfare, health and safety of the boys, by providing mentorship, extra-curricular activities, positive role modelling and hands on support from dedicated staff.

Seeing my child thrive in the school environment through the balance of learning life skills, whilst being challenged to pursue academic excellence, has helped him imbed a strong work ethic in all aspects of his life. The service and care from staff encourage the boys to develop morally and spiritually into strong, confident and responsible young men. At TIBHS, parental involvement with your child’s learning is made easy through workshops, regular updates and excellent school communication.”

Mr Congress, a Y9 parent, stated: “My son enjoys coming to school learning new topics and being involved in exciting extra-curricular activities such the CCF Cadets that has developed his skills and character. My experience about this school is pretty good. As a parent, I have found all staff, particularly teachers very friendly and approachable. It was a big decision to choose TIBHS, but I am pleased we made the right decision.”

Mr Patel, a Y9 parent, observed: “This is an outstanding school where the teachers and staff make you feel valued as a parent and a pupil. A positive learning environment where the boys are given the full opportunity to flourish. There is so much energy with the staff and boys which gives them the motivation and determination wanting to learn new skills. The support from the teachers is unprecedented making the boys feel much loved and cared about in supporting them to achieve their goals.”

Mrs Karbhari, a Y10 parent, says: “It is easy to get in to contact with teachers and they have always responded promptly. My son has always enjoyed coming to school and has a positive approach to attending school which is relief for me as a parent.”

Mrs Bhaiji, a Y9 parent says: “My experience as a first-time parent at TIBHS has been prodigious. At first, I was quite hesitant sending my son here, but I went with his choice and left it in the Almighty’s hands. Under the Principal’s leadership, he has talented staff who will go above and beyond to deliver the best education and care to our boys. You have probably heard the following from many parents “Tibhs gives a lot of homework.” The homework set for your child is vital for their learning and progression, be supportive and allow your son to organise himself to complete all tasks set. Any issues have always been resolved in a timely manner and from the beginning the communication with the Head of Year has been exceptionally outstanding. I have no regrets about sending my son to this school, as well as a quality education, it has also taught him values, discipline and enabled my son a variety of experiences to develop himself in all areas.”

We look forward to welcoming our new parents in September 2021.

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